In the past ten years I have been up (240) and down (135) the scale time and again. This time I am on the 'up' side of the scale. I want to loose the weight. I figure the humiliation of putting this on the internet and the friends that I have told of this to hold me accountable just might make this happen. It is going to take a lot of encouragement and support. Not to mention the hard work on my part. Follow my struggle here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The truth hurts

The truth sucks, but sometimes it is best to just suck it up and admit it to your self.

Kim over at If Not Now did just that. I am reposting her list of affirmations here.

Junk food is not something I deserve because I work out.

Sweatpants are not a fashion statement; they are an excuse for those jeans that don't fit.

A twenty-pound gain is not "a little bloated".

Wearing a larger size in one thing might be a sizing issue. Wearing a larger size in lots of things is a problem.

The camera can add pounds. But not just on one person in the photo, so if I look that much bigger than everyone else...I probably am.

Wearing clothes that fit and flatter is much better, in the meantime, than wearing clothes that fit ten pounds ago in the hopes that they'll fit again.

Eating well is not torture, it doesn't suck--it's what I do when I value myself.

My health is a gift not only to myself but to my family and all the people who look to me for inspiration.

There are better ways to spend a snow day than baking and eating brownies and cookies.

Changing the way I eat and live changes the lifestyle legacy I pass on to my children.

It seems like she is in much the same fitness boat I am. I have recognized the problem. Now I need to do something about it, and I am.

I just need to remind my self I did not pack this gain on in one day I will not loose it that quickly. I am fighting a cumulative effect of 3 years of neglect under the disguise that if I was doing roller derby that I was working out. Lets be honest, I was active but not using the muscles that I needed so badly. So here I am kicking my ass back in gear, thanks Kim for the much needed reminder!

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The Coastal Chicster said...

I've been reading this series of books by Anne Barone - I think you should check them out! The first one is called Chic & Slim. :) you can buy an eBook of it on Lulu.com. check it out!! :)

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