In the past ten years I have been up (240) and down (135) the scale time and again. This time I am on the 'up' side of the scale. I want to loose the weight. I figure the humiliation of putting this on the internet and the friends that I have told of this to hold me accountable just might make this happen. It is going to take a lot of encouragement and support. Not to mention the hard work on my part. Follow my struggle here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

That product review I have been promising.

The nike + ipod thingy… I run with mine every day. Did it stop me from wanting a garmin forerunner? Nope. I kind of look at this product as a bandaid on the mile tracking / pace tracking situation. Is it terribly accurate? Nope. It took me several attempts to get the calibration correct. Now it is closer. Not perfect but closer. For the modest investment it works well and didn’t cost too much – it is just not nearly as useful as a garmin would be but at a fraction of the cost what can you expect?

I also got the Nike + amp, that I love. It is really handy for changing songs, pausing your workout while waiting to cross and quick volume control. It is pretty cool and I don’t quite understand why Nike discontinued making it. Snatch one up if you can find it. Sadly it will not work with the nano unless you have the nike + thingy… If you have a iphone it should sync no problem.

Over all the nike + I recommend if you aren’t all that serious about running or just cant cough up the money for the Garmin just yet. Its kind of like training wheels for a runner. A good place to start but eventually you out grow it.

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