In the past ten years I have been up (240) and down (135) the scale time and again. This time I am on the 'up' side of the scale. I want to loose the weight. I figure the humiliation of putting this on the internet and the friends that I have told of this to hold me accountable just might make this happen. It is going to take a lot of encouragement and support. Not to mention the hard work on my part. Follow my struggle here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calorie Tracking – a love hate activity (and other news)

So I recently started calorie counting again on http://www.livestrong.com/ using the daily plate.

I started tracking my calories about this time last year but quickly gave up. Well I am back at it. The nice thing is in writing down (or keying in) what I consume it causes me to think more carefully about what I put in my body. This is key for me to loose weight. I am a eater. I eat for fun. I eat when I am bored. I eat when I am upset. I eat when I celebrate.

The fun thing for me on calorie tracking is days I run. I keyed in my details from Tuesday, food, exercise and what not. When all was said and done I came up with -11 calories. Yes that is a negative 11 calories. Granted at the moment that is a ball park calorie figure for my runs since I do not have a fancy pants Garmin with a heart rate monitor – hint hint. But still it is pretty cool. Take for example my friend that stopped by last night bearing gifts of beer. Knowing I had nearly consumed all of my days allowable caloric intake I calculated up how many sit up and push ups I needed to do to counter act the beer. I then did the said exercises and popped open a cold one. Who would I be if I denied myself beer? Not me that’s for sure!!! I just need to physically earn the beer before I consume it!

If you like me are struggling with loosing weight you might consider tracking your food in a journal or using the free tracking tools offered on http://www.livestrong.com/ . It certainly is no magic bullet, you have to actively do it but I think it might help.

In other news we are in for another scorcher of a day here in the 918. We had some rain come thru last night and cool us off a bit – now it is just looking like it will hit a high of 93F and a 30% chance of rain the humidity looks like it will be off the charts. My only hope is for a actual rain during my run. But who knows how lucky I will be on that hope.

With the heat and humidity still climbing I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and drink more H2O. After all no one wants heat stroke. At the beginning of the summer my minutes per mile time was seriously bugging me. Now that the heat is really beginning to climb I am finding myself not so bothered by that. As a matter of fact I am feeling pretty proud of not having to call 911 due to pushing to hard. I think I will be making the plunge into a camelbak this weekend.

So far we have not had a Ozone Alert here. I know those days will be here soon. And I know I will be out running in that too. Glutton for punishment I guess – or maybe I am just learning to know my limits and push just a little beyond them.

Speaking of pushing beyond limits we kicked off the training for the Route 66 half marathon last weekend with Runners World Tulsa – click over to the RWT blog for photos and details (thanks TZ) you cant see me but I am in the back with the rest of Team Coma Toes.

Next weekend after my morning run you can catch me helping to serve up breakfast for the runners just completing the Midnight Madness 50 mile Ultra . Also you need to mark Aug 21 on your running calendar. This year I am helping to organize the TATUR Mud Run. It is shaping up to a good muddy time.

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The Coastal Chicster said...

your redesign of this blog looks great! seems like you're doing really well with this whole running thing. you have inspired me. the gym bag is IN my car today. i am determined to go to the gym on my way home after work. :)

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