In the past ten years I have been up (240) and down (135) the scale time and again. This time I am on the 'up' side of the scale. I want to loose the weight. I figure the humiliation of putting this on the internet and the friends that I have told of this to hold me accountable just might make this happen. It is going to take a lot of encouragement and support. Not to mention the hard work on my part. Follow my struggle here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thats it, I give up.

After a month my new sports bra from Wal-Mart simply is not holding up. I honestly think the cups are shrinking. Sucky as this is I am aware of this: Addias, Reebok, Under Armour, Nike, and others DO NOT offer the support I need. This also means I am not likely to trip on to a good deal at Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Max.

So off to the specialty store I go. $64.00 plus tax later I am the owner of a intimidating sports bra. Tonight will be the first workout with the new sports bra.

I went to fleet feet and spoke with a sales girls who suggested this model. I got an Enell Sports Bra. The sizes are wonky. However it works I wear a size 2. I recommend going in and trying them on. It should fit tight and slightly constrictive, but not cause pain while breathing. Hope to have some good news for you soon! Then I can move on to finding the perfect shoe!

*** edited to add I just got home from Zumba and this sports bra is tha bomb!


The Stones said...

Not sure if they have your size but I like my VS Sports bra...although I like Nike too so maybe this wouldn't support you either.

Laurie aka Hailey said...

This has be the most S&M looking sports bra ever... I have heard good things about the VS but would like to try them on first and the stores do not seem to have any in stock.

Anonymous said...

I know it probably sounds like a huge pain in the butt, but have you considered hand-washing your sports bra? I guarantee it will last a ton longer if you wash it by hand, and definitely don't put it in the dryer. If you don't have the patience to wash it by hand every time you work out, you could just rinse it really well in cold water and give it a good washing every week. If you DO put it in the washing machine, definitely put it in a lingerie bag!! :)

Asics are my fave running shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

Enell is a favorite of breast surgery survivors far and wide. Worth every dime when "the girls" need the support for a decent duration. I think you've made a great choice! --Webbie

Laurie aka Hailey said...

Yeah I am starting now with the rinseing of the sports bra after every work out. I guess hand washing will start this weekend... ugh.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. you like me - you really like me!

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